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The Patient Experience

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The Patient Experience

Peterborough Regional Health Centre works every day to better understand the healthcare system and the care we provide from our patients' point of view.

To ensure our patients' have the best possible experience, the PRHC team is focusing on:

  • encouraging family presence and facilitating family participation throughout the care journey
  • recruiting patients and families to participate as advisors to help improve the care we provide
  • documenting patient and family stories to share with our internal and external stakeholders

Partnership Pledge

As an organization, PRHC will go above and beyond to ensure we provide you with the best possible care and hospital experience. Patients and family members also have a role. Please view PRHC`s Partnership Pledge here.

Respectful and Courteous Behaviour at PRHC

As patients and visitors of PRHC, please note; respectful and courteous behavour is expected. We have a zero-tolerance for abuse policy.