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What is expected of me as a volunteer?

  • A commitment of one two-hour to four-hour shift per week for at least 50 hours over a six-month period
  • Enthusiasm, interest and respect
  • Reliability and accountability
  • A signed confidentiality form
  • Cooperation
  • Ability to follow direction and to work without constant supervision

What can I expect from my time with PRHC?

  • Meaningful volunteer experience
  • Orientation to Health Centre and Volunteer position
  • Training and supervision
  • Open and honest communication
  • Appreciation and recognition

What is the minimum commitment I have to make to the program?
We require a minimum commitment of one two-hour to four-hour shift per week for at least 50 hours over a six-month period. 

I need to complete 40 hours of volunteer work in order to graduate. Can I do this?
Yes, we require a minimum of 50 volunteer hours.

What is the application process in becoming a volunteer?
The application process takes four to six weeks and includes:

  1. Attending the information session and receiving an application package.
  2. Returning the completed application package along with the two written references and sealed bloodwork results for MMR and Varicella to the Volunteer Services Department.
  3. When step two is complete, an interview will be arranged at a mutually acceptable time, and a possible placement will be discussed.
  4. We will arrange for a two-step Mantoux skin-test for Tuburculosis through our occupational health safety and wellness department. This test can also be done through your family physician's office if that is more convenient.
  5. Attending a General Orientation arranged by Volunteer Services (2 hours)
  6. Training – minimum two sessions of on-the-job training with another volunteer
  7. Arranging a schedule with Volunteer Services according to availability

Will I incur any costs to volunteer?
There may be a small, one-time fee to obtain the police record check, depending on your area of residence.