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OPSEU endorsed clerical job evaluation, declined to participate

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OPSEU endorsed clerical job evaluation, declined to participate

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Published: 12/13/2018 6:01 PM by  PRHC

Attack ad campaign calls union motives into question; clerical employees at PRHC are among highest-paid in province

Peterborough Regional Health Centre on Thursday called into question the motives behind the attack ad campaign being waged by OPSEU, given that the union first endorsed a broad job evaluation for clerical staff, then declined to participate in the process, and is now publicly attacking the hospital over the outcome.

“It’s challenging to determine why the union has chosen to use its resources to come after PRHC of all places, which pays its clerical staff some of the highest wages in Ontario,” said Michelene Ough, Director of Communications for the hospital. “The union was given every opportunity to participate in the job evaluation process, and declined to do so. Now it is complaining loudly and publicly that it is surprised at the outcome of a process it endorsed.”

“The question people should be asking is why the union would choose to publicly attack one of the best-paying employers for clerical workers in the province – a hospital where part-time clerical employees can earn more than $30,000 working 22 hours a week, and full-time clerical employees can bring in more than $60,000 a year. We receive hundreds of applications for these positions; these are highly sought-after jobs.”

The hospital also questioned why the union would spend its members’ hard-earned dollars on a costly attack-ad campaign when there is an established process in place for grieving the results of the job evaluation.

“OPSEU’s attacks on this hospital and its CEO, a respected cardiologist and hospital leader, are at very minimum puzzling given the circumstances. We have the greatest respect for the professionalism of our clerical staff, and the hospital is very disappointed with the union for taking this approach,” added Ough. “Current employees have not had their wages reduced – they have been frozen at their 2018 rate of pay, and regardless of the outcome of the grievance process, their salaries will remain highly-competitive within the province.”


For more information:
Michelene Ough
Director, Communications
705-743-2121 x.4259


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